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Running in Transitions

Kilometres of Friendship and Fun (AWA Running Group), by Keri Matwick

Transition usually is a good thing. This process or a period of changing from one state or condition to another signals movement and propels movement forward. Summer ends, school starts. We transition from open days to a busy schedule. Change can be stressful too. Uncertainty and unfamiliarity are hard and uncomfortable. Running can help with these transitions by offering stability, time to think, physical relief, and emotional support through fellowship and consistent exercise:


We crave routine and familiarity naturally and especially so when there is a disruption in our patterns. The consistency of running at your normal time of day, taking the same route, and even wearing your favorite running top and shorts offers comfort and balance to your day.

Time to think

Meditation, yoga, tai chi, all these are popular forms that emphasize training the mind to focus and be aware of the present. Running similarly lets your mind dwell on problems and drift to new ideas at the same time. After a run, you’ll find that you’ll have a new perspective.

Runner’s High

A runner’s ‘high’ is real with endorphins, or feel-good chemicals rushing to your body during exercise, boosting your mood and helping you feel happy and relaxed. A good sweat, which is easy to do in Singapore, can help you flush out toxins.

Emotional support

Running with friends is fun and makes time to share your thoughts with others. From asking for advice to sharing about your latest favorite restaurant, this fellowship eases the unfamiliarity or change of daily routine and gives you another perspective.

Transition can also be taken in the physical sense. How to transition from Walk to Run, for example. Joining our AWA Running Group can help you make that transition by having weekly run dates!

As we transition from summer to school days, running can help maintain your wellness, both physically and mentally.

Come run with us: Tuesdays, Botanic Gardens, 5KM, 7:30 am


Keri is a linguist and teaches writing at Nanyang Technological University. When she’s not running with the AWA Running Group, Keri carries out research on food, language, and culture. To see her publications, go to

Interested in having fun while running? Yes, it is possible! Join us Tuesdays at the Botanic Gardens. Then, explore new routes and see Singapore in a new light on Thursday and Saturday mornings.


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