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March - April 2023 issue

Editor's Note

Ladies!! Get ready for March 20, 2023 - the official date of the next Spring Equinox. Having the luxury to live in a climate like Singapore's, where spring feels eternal, makes those of us from distinct seasonal climates forget how anxiously we used to wait for the signs of spring after a long winter. Although, with the recent rains here, I am sure many of us cannot wait to get more sun in our lives.


This season is dear to me, as I had two of my kids born right at the beginning of the Spring season. I can never forget leaving the hospital with my first born child and watching the tulips sprout in upstate New York. 

I also enjoy Spring because it marks the beginning of life and color through nature - simply walking in the Singapore Botanic Gardens can easily make you feel happier and connected. You can appreciate the bloom of many different plants and the fresh green of tree foliage, enjoy the birds and their beautiful singing.

Spring has a deep meaning - for many cultures, it symbolizes the cycle of beginnings, a season for growth and development. In Chinese cultures, the Spring Festival is one of the most important festivals. Many things can be associated with Spring, like the color green, the sound of shouting, the wood element, the climate of wind, things sprouting, your eyes, your liver, your anger (yes, your anger!), patience and altruism, the green dragon and, last but not least, the direction to the east.

What is not to love about Spring? There are many reasons to appreciate this season. We hope you enjoy our fantastic articles written by our very own AWA members.   So ask yourselves, what are your own reasons to love spring?

Enjoy reading and let us know what you enjoy from our issues. We would love to hear from you. 

Andrea Perez, Editor in Chief 

Pink Blossom

Reasons to Love Spring!!


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The AWA Magazine is managed by a group of volunteer women who love to share stories, adventures and all things related to living in Singapore and Southeast Asia, while having fun along the way. 

We are always welcoming new volunteers to join our magazine team of writers, copy editors, photographers and designers.  If you are looking to share your talents or even try something new, get in touch with us at

“We are all storytellers. We all live in a network of stories. There isn’t a stronger connection between people than storytelling.”

Jimmy Neil Smith
International Storytelling Center
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