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May - June 2023 issue

Editor's Note


As the hecticness of May, the month before the summer begins, starts to intensify for many of us, we are almost at the end of the finish line to close on all things before some of us go back home. As I start to think about my summer, I ask, what kind of feelings I want to experience?

Living in Asia can take us on to a fast-paced ride, always on the go, and a packed calendar of things-to-do, you can multiply that for those of us with kids. Our endless rat race of tutoring and extracurricular activities (guilty!). 

As a child, I had many long, do-nothing days during my summer. Did you know there is a movement called the "slow movement", that is founded to remind us to take some space out of fast-paced lives, to live more calmly, thereby having a healthier and fuller life. 

This is exactly the inspiration of our current and last issue of 22/23 publishing cycle. What summer feelings and vibes you want to create? What book would you like to read? (Check out the book review and get to know more about Southeast Asia literature), What travels can you do with your family? Or get inspired to run a race with your family? How can you beat the summer heat? Turn to our many fantastic stories and articles we have ready for you. To inspire your quest to answer this very question: What summer feelings would you want to have? 

As I close my last issue as an Editor-in-Chief, I briefly want to share with all of you about my experience as an AWA member, where I was able to connect with people going through the same experiences, as a new and experienced expat in Singapore. I got to try new things, like playing tennis, enjoying a speaker series, taking tours, and exploring the city through taking photography. And ultimately, taking on the role as the Editor-in-Chief for the online AWA magazine.

Small confession, before taking this role, I did not have any formal background in writing, editing, or creating an online magazine. Yet, that is the absolute beauty of this diverse and inclusive AWA group: it allows us to take chances and risks in a safe environment. Letting me try new things while creating meaningful connections and friendships with women of all backgrounds. This was a challenge I set for myself, what would I need to fulfill the role? The truth is, this opportunity allowed me to use my leadership skills and to do something I have always loved: creating ideas with an amazing group of women who love to share stories and knowledge that are meaningful to all of us. We ask and leave it to the universe to make things happen! 

I truly want to thank our amazing writers for taking this ride in transforming our magazine to what we have now and are able to share to all of you.  This magazine is a joint and creative result of true Team Spirit. Every issue is an effort of many. To Mandakini, Elena, Helena, Keri, Lauren, Dulce, Stephanie, Lauren, Andrea and Claire without your amazing passion to share wonderful stories and willingness to create something different, I am deeply grateful. Thank you to the AWA leadership to support us in this journey, and to all the women before us. To my co-partner in crime, Suellen, without your amazing technical knowledge and steadfast thinking, tinkering and patience we would not be here.  

To many more stories to share,

Andrea Perez, Editor in Chief 

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The AWA Magazine is managed by a group of volunteer women who love to share stories, adventures and all things related to living in Singapore and Southeast Asia, while having fun along the way. 

We are always welcoming new volunteers to join our magazine team of writers, copy editors, photographers and designers.  If you are looking to share your talents or even try something new, get in touch with us at

“We are all storytellers. We all live in a network of stories. There isn’t a stronger connection between people than storytelling.”

Jimmy Neil Smith
International Storytelling Center
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