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President's Message

President Linda Schindler

AWA President’s Message

September/October 2022

The Page-Turners of Life

I have always enjoyed reading. As a child, I loved going to the library and voraciously finished every summer book list assigned. However, now with family, work and volunteering commitments that each require their own accommodations, it seemed increasingly difficult to sit down with a good novel.

Coming from California, I will use earthquakes as a measure of change. These life “adjustments” ranged from mini shockwaves to seismic shifts. Changes with kids, schools, career, family, friends, the world, and everything in between would leave me engrossed in the details. I would feel like I had no time to focus on anything else, let alone my leisurely reading.

But I realized that although changes can sometimes feel overwhelming and uncomfortable, it is exactly these times that are the highlights of the story – of our story.

Then I came across an article in the Wall Street Journal about a journalist’s thoughts on her impending retirement (and how honeybees played an unlikely role in her life).

“Transitions in life can offer opportunities for discovery, provided we are open to random encounters and serendipitous events. Unfamiliar experiences are out there waiting to engage us, even if we can't predict what they are or how we'll find them. Anticipation is part of the joy.” – Robbie Shell

At these inflection points – whether they be moving to a new place, changing jobs, graduating from schools, or saying goodbye to relocating friends – we should take solace that these are the points in life that awaken us, make us reflect, and are a vital part of character development.

With that in mind, I would like to thank all of the AWA chairs who help make our transitions in Singapore a bit easier, with a special acknowledgment for Aarti Sonawala (Major Events) for organizing special occasions, like the Holiday Lunch, that bring festive cheer and create new traditions for our members who may be miles away from family; Hyejin Taylor (Coffee & Friends, Newcomers) for creating a welcoming environment for those looking to meet friendly faces; Morgan Steinman (Playgroups) for fostering a safe and supportive space for new moms and their little ones; Meg Sine (Creative Hands) for providing a platform for connection through inspired crafts; Helena Cochrane (International Vocal Ensemble DIVAS) for uplifting communities in need through song; and Anita Young (Vice President) for organizing our amazing AWA Welcome Fair to bring us all back together.

And a fond farewell with much appreciation for Editor Jennifer Baigent (AWA Magazine), and co-chairs Jennifer Cormier (Local Tours), Becca Meurer (Tennis) and Elissa Viornery (Writers’ Group) for your valuable contributions. All the best on your next chapter.

As for me, I have found pockets of time (like commuting on the bus) to enjoy my novels again. I hope you also find the space to embrace your transitions and the time to do what brings you joy.

Let’s appreciate the pages of our lives as they are being written.

Until next time,

Linda Schindler

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