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  • Do I need to be an American to be a member?
    NO! We welcome all women, of all nationalities via our Associate Membership Plan.
  • I am here as part of the US embassy or US military. Is there a special membership for this?
    Military and embassy personnel and their families are entitled to a discount on full year memberships. Please email the office (attaching your relevant ID) before completing a Membership Subscription Plan.
  • I am only in Singapore for a short time. Can I still join?
    6-month memberships are available on request to all members at a discounted rate of $100 (instead of $150). Please email for the relevant discount code, or if you wish to discuss a shorter membership.
  • May I attend any events before I sign up to see if it’s a good fit for me?
    Our Coffee & Friends and Bar Nights are open to walk ins. For other activities please email the office to see if they can accept a guest at their activity for a trial session (some can but some cannot). Once you have attended two activities we will ask you to become an AWA member if you wish to participate further.
  • I have time to volunteer. What opportunities does AWA offer me?
    AWA is a volunteer organization, so there are many opportunities to help out. Check out Volunteering with AWA for current openings.
  • What is the best way to get involved with AWA and to start meeting people?
    There is no right or wrong way! Our Coffee & Friends and Bar Nights are great entry points just for a drink and a chat with other members, but everything is open to you once you join.
  • How do I register for an activity?
    All our activities take registration in one of two ways, both from the website (accessible to members only): For activities that organize through WhatsApp chats, click the “Register” button to ask to join the chat For activities that organize via event bookings on the website, you can see and register for the events on our calendar or at the foot of the relevant activity page
  • My parents/friends are in town. Can I bring them to an AWA event?
    Guests are permitted on an event-by-event basis. When registering yourself you will see an allowed number of tickets you can purchase – 1 ticket is a member only event, if multiple tickets are allowed you can bring guests to that number. Notes: Unless otherwise stated, events are open only to those age 18 and above. A guest can attend an AWA event twice (in total, not per year) before we ask them to join as a member. So, please encourage your non-AWA friends to give us a try!
  • What if the event I want to attend is full?
    Please email the office and we can start a waitlist.
  • How much are the membership dues?
    Membership dues are S$150 for a year from date of registration and are non-refundable after 30 days.
  • Are AWA event costs quoted in US dollars or Singapore dollars?
    All AWA event costs are quoted and processed in Singapore dollars (SGD).
  • I registered for an event, but I can’t attend. Can I cancel and get a refund?
    If the event is marked non-refundable, then no refund can be given. All other AWA event fees include a $5.00 non-refundable admin charge. This cannot be returned under any circumstances. Otherwise, you may cancel your attendance by emailing on or before 4 working days prior to the event.
  • How do I sign-in to my account?
    Click “login” in the top right corner of the screen.
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