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AWA Singapore Welcome Fair 2019

AWA Activities

AWA Member Volunteers currently manage over 40 unique and engaging activities and special events which happen during the day, in the evening, throughout the week, and on weekends. These social, informational, and community service Activity Groups are organized on a regular basis.

Unless otherwise specified, all AWA activities are open to Members only. Where allowed, Guests may also register to attend.

Since all activities are run by volunteers, there may be times when you don't receive an immediate reply to your email or WhatsApp message. If you have not heard back from the activity Chair within a reasonable timeframe, please contact our staff so they can follow up on your behalf.

Creative Pursuits

Creative Hands

International Vocal Ensemble (Divas)


Writer's Group

Creative Pursuits

Culture and Learning

After Ni Hao

Arts and Culture

Beauty and Fashion

Book Groups

Local Tours

Movie Lunch

Roots Researchers

Speaker's Lunch

Culture and Learning

Food, Drink, and Games

Bar Nights


Coffee and Friends

DISH Lunches

High Tea


Food, Drink, and Games

Fun and Fellowship

Christian Connection

Community Service

Listen Ladies

Long Term Members



Fun and Fellowship

Sports and Fitness

18 Hole Golf




Sports and Fitness
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