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Mother and Daughter Running in Sync

by Keri Matwick

As an American women’s organization, we celebrate the friendships and relationships we have with other women. Besides running with friends, running with family members, especially daughters, is rewarding and creates unique experiences.

In this season of Mother’s Day, we feature a mother-daughter pair who run together, Katy and Maggie Matvey. Moving from Hong Kong to Singapore in 2022, Katy soon joined the AWA and Running Group. Maggie joins the group when off-season from her varsity track and cross-country season at Singapore American School.

Maggie joined our Saturday run group at Lower Seletar


When did you start running? I started running in high school and was on the cross country and track teams. I have continued to run off and on over the many years since then depending on where I was living, friends to run with and stage of life. Was your own mother a runner? My mom grew up before many women participated in athletics but I do remember her running for a few years when I was young - maybe just to get some time away from four young kids.