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The American Club: A Home Away From Home

Meet the Pitrellis

"My husband Timothy and I moved to Singapore from Newport Beach, California. We were to

stay for three to six months, if we were lucky. Just recently, we celebrated our 15th anniversary

here. Since then we’ve had three daughters: Noelle, Layla and Vivienne.

Monica and Timothy Pitrelli with children Noelle (10), Layla (8) and Vivienne (7)

We joined The American Club after our first daughter was born. We were sold on all the things the Club has for families – from parent-and-baby swimming classes to meeting “Santa” without having to stand in line at the mall.

We go to the Club several times a week, and Sundays are my family’s favorite day to visit. The kids attend tennis lessons, and sometimes my husband and I hit the courts too. Then we have breakfast before stopping by the library to borrow books and movies.

The beautiful thing about the Club is that everyone in my family enjoys going, although for

different reasons. While I go to the spa or the Pilates studio, my husband may get a haircut, visit

the gym or relax over a cup of coffee. The kids would play games in the multi-level children’s

area called The Quad for hours, if we let them – and sometimes we do!

Noelle and Layla having fun with their friend Justin at The Quad

During some of the toughest parts of the pandemic, my husband and I worked in the business center to get a break from the house. While there, you meet other members and get to know the staff on a first name basis.

But the thing that draws us back time and again is the convenience. Where else can you grab a quick meal, pick up dry cleaning, buy stamps, order a case of wine and have several chats with friends?

I also enjoy the fact that my helper often joins us at the Club. We enjoy meals there and

celebrate the kids’ birthdays together.”

The Pitrellis

The American Club is a members-only social club with a distinct American culture that offers unparalleled hospitality and a unique lifestyle all under one roof. A sanctuary in the heart of bustling Orchard, the Club boasts an extensive range of dining options, recreational facilities, events and activities for every member of the family. Visit to learn more about The American Club.

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