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Five Ways to Beat the Heat this Summer

Singapore Living, by Stephanie Kolentsis

Some people acclimatise to the Singapore heat. I’m not one of those people. After seven years in Southeast Asia, I still sweat just walking to the bus stop. I haven’t mastered being calm and collected in 40-degree weather, but I have picked up a few tricks to keep cool. Here are the top five things that help me survive summer in Singapore.

1. Hydrate Better

credit: Karolina Grabowska from Pexels

When you sweat, you lose more than just water; you also lose minerals, sugar, and salts. If you’re spending a day outdoors, I recommend picking up some rehydration salts from the pharmacy. They cost pennies and can be added to your water bottle to replace the sugar and salts you lose while sweating.

Drinking cold water will help to lower your body temperature and keep you cool. Klean Kanteen sells bottles that keep your water ice cold for over 24 hours. These are great for keeping at your desk or taking to the beach. Metal canteens can be heavy, so I also like to have a collapsible water bottle on hand that I can pop in my handbag and refill throughout the day. Stojo has some sturdy and stylish options.