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"My Sister is an Owl"

by Sara Kelly
Writers' Block - a contribution from our AWA Writer's Group

“Coochi coo” the grown-ups ooh around the baby bed,

Once I was number one, but now they play with her instead.

Besides the silly smile, my sister’s really not that cute,

In the dark, when I’m tucked in, I hear her hootie hoot!

I spy her playing on the floor, she fiercely flits and flaps,

And once she flew around the kitchen ceiling, doing laps.

Tiny claws held tightly shut, I knew they held a clue;

I pried them open and found dust, long hair, and feathers too.

Her gaping mouth becomes a beak each time I squeeze her cheeks.

And when I ask her, “Who are you?” she shrieks instead of speaks.

She’s taking over everything; my blankie, my toy snake.

Please, you must believe me, when I say she is a fake.

On tippy-toes, I walk so light; her head turns like a key,

And with cloudy-coloured eyes she stares straight back at me.

She knows I know her secret which she signals with a howl,

Yes, she’s not a baby, but I love the little owl.

Coochi coochi coochi coo,

Hootie hootie hootie hoot!


​Sara Patricia Kelly is a creative storyteller, nonfiction writer, and poet. Based in Singapore, she authors - a ‘sticky poppy poetry’ site for kids, and was recently published in the 2023 anthology, Incredible Women on How to Embrace Equity. She holds an MA in Creative Writing from LASALLE College of the Arts.

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