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Group Spotlight: Ni Hao AWA ladies!

By An Zhua Ya (AKA Andrea McKenna Brankin)

Have you ever wanted to tackle learning Chinese?

Check out AWA's After Ni Hao's weekly meetings at M&S Cafe on Wednesdays 10:30-12 pm.

Fearless Ling Dao (leader), Manju, prepares a weekly worksheet with sentences, questions and vocabulary to help everyone learn a little and start conversations right away.

Here's one of them on food and tastes:


Rice: Mifan

Miantiao: Noodles

Jiaozi: Dumpling

Shaobing: Sesame cake

Pisabing: Pizza

Nailao: Cheese

Mantou: Steamed bread

Mifen: Rice noodles

Baozi: Steamed stuffed bun

Mianbao: Bread

Sanmingzhi: Sandwich

Hanbaobao: Hamburger

Cha: Tea

Kafei: Coffee

Pijiu: Beer


Tian: Sweet

Suan: Sour

Ku: Bitter

La: Hot / spicy

Xian: Salty


Wonuer xihuan chi sanmingzhi. (My daughter likes to eat sandwiches.)

Wo ye xihuan chi sanmingzhi. (I too like to eat sandwiches.)

Ni xihuan bu xi huan he kafei? (Do you like drinking coffee?)

Ni xihuan he shen me cha? (What kind of tea do you like?)

Try putting some sentences together and come meet the group sometime.

Zia jian! (Goodbye, see you again!)


A mental health advocate and author of the book Bipolar Phoenix, Andrea runs the AWA Listen Ladies Group, providing confidential support for members at regular meetings. You can reach her at

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