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Stretching on a Mat

Tennis Policies

AWA Code of Conduct

We look forward to welcoming you to our AWA Tennis events. All activities are organized by volunteers who are focused on providing a friendly, enjoyable environment that is run on our principles of inclusiveness, good sportsmanshlp, and mutual respect. Failure to actively support these pniciples during any event will result in the AWA Tennis Committee reviewing a player's future opportunities to participate.

AWA Tennis Rules

AWA follows ITF tennis rules for all competitive play, unless otherwise specified (view here).

AWA Tennis Waiver

By registering for AWA tennis events you are agreeing to the following waiver conditions:

  • I voluntarily assume all risk of personal injury that may result from playing in this event.

  • I verify that I am in a good state of health and fitness. I do not have physical handicaps or impairments that might inhibit my participation in competitive tennis.

  • I agree, for and on behalf of myself, my heirs, executors, and legal representatives within the fullest extent permitted by law.

  • To unconditionally waive all claims, direct or consequential, for personal injury or death, for property damage, including claims concerning damage sustained by, but not limited to negligence that may arise from participation in the AWA events and

  • To indemnify the American Women's Association (AWA) committee members or employees, their successors, assigns and sponsors as well as fellow players in AWA tennis against any and all claims mentioned.

  • Participation in competitive tennis when pregnant may involve risks. AWA strongly recommends that pregnant players obtain and act on medical advice regarding their participation in AWA tennis and when to discontinue participation.

Register for all Tennis Activities via the Calendar or at the foot of the main Sports & Fitness Page.

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