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Tennis Assessment

All members participating in AWA tennis activities must have an AWA Tennis Assessment to help group players by ability in our different programs to ensure fun and competitive games. It is required for all AWA tennis players to be reassessed every 2 years. This assessment does not affect any current NTRP, ITN, or USTA rating you may have and is used only for AWA events.

What to expect from the assessment

AWA tennis is about having fun and socializing. So no need to be overly concerned or anxious about the assessment!

The assessment will be looking at the following:

  • Stroke Technique & Serving

  • Depth of shots and consistency

  • Movement on Court and Ball Anticipation

  • Court Positioning and Doubles Strategy

  • Scoring

What are the ratings?

We use the USTA rating system but have added in the - and + to give some flexibility to the rating. For example: -3.0 would indicate you are a weaker 3.0 and a +3.0 would indicate you are a stronger 3.0.

2.0 -2.5 2.5 +2.5 -3.0 3.0 +3.0 -3.5 3.5 +3.5 -4.0 4.0 +4.0 -4.5 4.5 +4.5

For a full description of the ratings, please click here (see PDF)

If you do not have an AWA rating, you may use an equivalent. Please view the chart for more information. (see PDF)

For additional information on the assessment, please email:

Register for all Tennis Activities via the Calendar or at the foot of the main Sports & Fitness Page.

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