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Social Tennis

AWA Tennis offers different formats of social tennis throughout the year. Please check event listings for ratings requirements. Formats rotate regularly and may include:

Social Doubles

With an emphasis on social, this is a great opportunity for match play experience!  Aimed at Beginner and Intermediate players, each week you will be grouped with three other ladies into a group of four.  Players will mix and match partners while playing three mini-sets of best-of-seven games.  This gives you the weekly opportunity to play with three different partners against three different pairs, providing a variety of match play and opportunities for socializing. 

For additional information, please contact: tennis_socialdoubles@awasingapore.org

Mixed Doubles

AWA Mixed Doubles is a great way to make some new friends, have a date night with your partner, or just get in some good tennis! You must be an AWA member with a current AWA tennis rating* to register, but your partner can be any male guest you choose—spouse, son, family friend, neighbor, colleague... We’ll organise you into groups based on the combination of your assessment rating plus self-rating that you give your partner. Then we assign hosts for each match. All matches will be scheduled at player convenience: they could all be played in one week or spread over the season—any day, any time at mutual agreement.

For more information, please email: tennis_mixeddoubles@awasingapore.org

Social Singles

Emphasizes fun and social with maximum flexibility in a Round Robin format.  Players will be organized into groups based on assessment ratings and hosts will be assigned for each match.  All matches are to be scheduled at players' convenience: all can be played in one week or spread over the season—any day, any time, at mutual agreement. 

For more information, please contact: tennis_socialsingles@awasingapore.org

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