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Home > Volunteering > Volunteering With AWA

Volunteering With AWA

AWA is a volunteer-run organization. We can only do what we do with the participation of an army of wonderful volunteers! They give freely of their time to provide fun events and activities for us all to participate in as well as working in the office, producing the Bamboo Telegraph magazine, and serving on the Board. As a member, you are strongly encouraged to volunteer your time to keep the AWA running smoothly. Whether you are interested in learning a new skill or continuing to use a well-honed talent, AWA has a place for you.

The following opportunities are currently available (Please note you must be an AWA member to volunteer for any of these positions):

Administrative Roles

Social Media Team
Are you tech savvy, and love Facebook/Instagram and the AWA? If so, we are looking for someone to join our Social Media team to help with our social media channels. Administration duties include:
  • Creating a regular publishing schedule for events
  • Managing requests and messages
  • Promoting content, groups and events through social advertising
  • Developing brand awareness and online reputation
Please email commsdirector@awasingapore.org if you are interested in joining our dynamic communications team!

AWA Booster Team
With our new office space, the AWA has an exciting opportunity to expand our services to our members and also bring in some revenue to cover our basic office costs. If you have a sales and marketing background we would LOVE to talk to you about opportunities to sell products on consignment, host pop-up sales and work with a variety of service providers to give our members new and interesting activities. Please email office@awasingapore.org for more information. Thanks!

AWA Art Committee
The AWA office and conference room is a perfect place to display artwork to our members - and we always prioritize our own members, then local artists when choosing the artwork. If you are interested in helping us select artwork for display and helping to promote local artists, please email office@awasingapore.org.

Members Resale Group Manager
The AWA Social Media team is looking for someone to manage the AWA Resale Group Facebook page effective immediately. If interested, please contact Kathy Heetland at socialmedia@awasingapore.org.

Advertising Sales
Advertising sales income allows us to print our BT magazine, and we like to introduce our members to new and interesting information from advertisers. Can you help us to find new advertisers, and introduce them to advertising with AWA? To find out more, please email bt_editor@awasingapore.org.

One-Off Events

Ad-hoc Social Events Volunteers
If you are looking for an event planning role to fit into your travel schedule, this may be the role for you. The AWA is often offered opportunities for stand-alone events that don’t fit into our existing volunteer roles. We would love to build a small group of volunteers who could take on one or two stand-alone projects during the year, to take advantage of these offers. If you’d like to hear more, please email social@awasingapore.org.

Regular Activities

Welcome Committee
Would you like to welcome new arrivals to Singapore and to AWA? Our Newcomer Committee is responsible for helping our new members get acclimatized and are a vital part of the success of AWA. They arrange regular welcome events for newcomers, ensure that newcomers can find a friendly face at other AWA events, and help them find the information they need to make Singapore – and AWA – feel like home. Please email newcomers@awasingapore.org to find out more.

After-Hours Committee
Our goal is to provide a range of engaging and interesting talks, events, and activities throughout the year for AWA members in the evening. If you would like to learn more about this opportunity please email office@awasingapore.org .

Arts & Culture Committee
The Arts & Culture Committee helps our members learn about and cultivate a passion for Asian arts and culture through monthly events. To join this committee, or to find out more please email artsandculture@awasingapore.org.

Fashion & Beauty Chair
We would love to have a volunteer who can plan, publicize, and coordinate events specific to fashion and/or beauty at a variety of locations for AWA members approximately once a month. Could this be you? Email social@awasingapore.org to discuss!

Local Tours Committee
Each month the Local Tours Committee offers a variety of tempting local adventures. All tours are led by a professional guide. To join this committee or to find out, more please email localtours@awasingapore.org.

Speaker's Lunch Co-Chair
Each month, the AWA will introduce you to one of a fascinating range of speakers. These talk will be informative, thought-provoking, and, most of all, fun! To volunteer or to find out more, please email social@awasingapore.org.