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Are you new to Singapore? Do you work full time? Are you a long term expat?
Are you looking to give back to the community? Looking for fun and friendship?

Yes? We've got you covered.

Please join AWA or login to renew your membership today!

Membership Criteria
The AWA welcomes women of all nationalities!

If you are a citizen of the US or Canada (or married to one), you will be a Regular member. If not, you will be an Associate member. The only difference is that Associate members are not able to vote at General Meetings or hold a position on the AWA Board.

AWA Guests
Come see more of what we do before you join by attending up to two of our activities as an AWA Guest at the applicable Guest price. Register for any of the activities using the 'ADD GUEST' button on our calendar here

Once you have attended two activities we will ask you to become an AWA member if you wish to participate further. We're sure you won't be able to resist joining us by then anyway!

Membership Benefits
What do you get as part of your membership?
  • Access to all AWA activities at member price. In addition to paying higher prices for each event, non-members are only allowed to attend two AWA events in total (not per year) before we expect them to join.
  • Access to members-only activities, including tennis, golf, and our popular Home Tour.
  • Subscription to our monthly Bamboo Telegraph magazine & the twice monthly update emails, both designed to keep you informed of everything the AWA is offering.
  • Access to our Facebook communities, where you can ask questions, arrange activities, advertise your business, and buy/sell goods without risking your privacy.
  • A refreshed and renewed social calendar. Membership gives you access to a variety of evening/weekend activities designed to expand your friendships and enhance your busy life.
  • Connections with the community. We have volunteer opportunities within the AWA itself and can also connect you to opportunities with our community service partners across Singapore.
Follow your passion! If there is an activity you’re interested in we’d love to have you start it with us.

Membership Dues
Membership dues are S$150 for a year from date of registration, and are non-refundable after 30 days.