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AWA Supporters

Will you be leaving Singapore, or have you already left?
Was AWA an important part of your Singapore life?

If the answer to the above questions is yes, and you’ve been wondering how you can best stay connected to the AWA community, we have exciting news for you. You can now become an AWA Supporter!

What is an AWA Supporter?
An AWA Supporter is a former AWA member who wishes to continue to stay connected to the friends, fun, and fulfillment she found during her time as an active AWA member.  

What are the benefits of being an AWA Supporter?
For a cost of $50 per year, Supporters have access to the following benefits:
e-copy of monthly Bamboo Telegraph magazine
access to Facebook Member Community
access to AWA Facebook groups (e.g., Walking with Women)
AWA Broadcast emails
Member pricing on AWA events if you return to visit

Why would someone become an AWA Supporter?
In recent years we have heard from alumni who miss the sense of belonging and connectedness that comes with being part of AWA.  While they are busy settling into their lives in new countries or back home, they miss having a familiar community to rely on during a transitional time.  
Additionally, some members wish to support AWA because AWA was a valuable resource for them, and they feel that their contribution helps AWA continue to be a valuable resource for women.

I’m in! How do I become an AWA Supporter?
You can register as a supporter below. Add the item to your cart and then follow the process on-screen to check out and pay. If your AWA membership has already expired, you will need to register as a guest supporter, rather than signing in to your expired AWA member account. (Please note this program is only available if you are no longer resident in Singapore.)

And a big THANK YOU to you for your support of AWA!

Upcoming AWA Supporters events:

Sun, Jun 30 AWA Supporter 2019 Registration Closed