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Home > Membership > Long term Expats

Long term Expats

Many AWA members have been with us for five years, 10 years, or more. They joined AWA as newcomers and are now settled and happy with their life in Singapore. Why do they stay members of AWA?


Singapore has a quick turnover of expats. We make friends for life at AWA, but what if those friends depart for pastures new? Who do you meet for your regular after work drinks or morning coffee? AWA is a great place to connect with people in the same boat as you. You never know who your next friend for life will be!


AWA adds fresh events and activities every year, and we keep our bestsellers. With over 30 different activities happening at all times, there are always new things to try.

Pay It Forward

Singapore newcomers draw on the wisdom and experience of those who have gone before. Our long-term members remember relying on others in this way and want to make sure new arrivals get the same. That’s our sisterhood!


Events You May Like

All of our events are suitable if you have lived in Singapore for a long time (and can be found on our calendar here), but you may be particularly interested in:
8+ group
AWA have recently added a new group catered to longterm AWA members.  Our new group,  8+, plans activities for women who have supported the AWA through membership for over 8 years.  We gather monthly to reconnect and sometimes even try new things together.  There’s always something new, even for long term members.  

Please contact the group to get more information, it’s open to anyone who has supported the AWA with 8 years or more of membership.eightplus@awasingapore.org

A monthly lunch and dinner at new Singapore restaurants. Spouses welcome.

Learn something new each month.

Many to choose from: morning, afternoon, and evening!

Introducing new designers every April.

A beautiful gathering each December for you and your friends.

Test the waters and meet new and old members alike.