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Home > Sports > Competitive Tennis

Competitive Tennis

Team Tennis
Open to players rated 2.5 and above.

Team Tennis emphasizes team play, sportsmanship, and competition. This is one of the more competitive options from AWA tennis. Players are assigned to teams in order to achieve a competitive balance among each team. Team Tennis begins in November.

Team Tennis runs in the off-season only from December 1 to January 30. This activity is played on Wednesdays or Thursdays, depending on your past play and our Tennis Assessment. The duration of the Team Tennis season will vary according to the number of players who sign up and requires a commitment to play at least 50% of the scheduled number of matches during the season.

Register for the Team Tennis on the main tennis page here.  For additional information, please email the coordinator at teamtennis@awasingapore.org.

AWA Tournaments
The AWA Tennis section holds three tournaments each year for all skill levels.

The AWA Rookie Round Robin, held between the AWA Discovery Clinic sessions, is specifically aimed at players who are relatively new to tennis. It is the perfect opportunity to gain some doubles match play and meet new players in a fun and social environment. If you have taken part in the AWA Discover Clinics, this is a great way to progress from your clinic to match play.

The AWA Felicia Burch Doubles Tournament, for intermediate and advanced players, is held in April. Sign up with your partner to enjoy competitive match play in a social environment. All players must be AWA members and have an AWA ranking of 3.0+ and higher.

The AWA Open Doubles Tournament is open to both AWA and non-AWA members. It is held at the end of the WITS and LTS tennis season in May. Sign up with your partner for competitive play. All players must either have an AWA ranking of 3.5- and above or a WITS Beta division and above player or a LTS Division 1 and above player.

Information on all AWA Tennis Tournaments will be emailed to all tennis section members and available here when registration is open. Register for the next Tournament on the main tennis page here. For additional information, please email the AWA tennis coordinator at tennistournaments@awasingapore.org.

AWA Tennis Waiver
By registering for AWA tennis events you are agreeing to the following waiver conditions:
  • I voluntarily assume all risk of personal injury that may result from playing in this event.
  • I verify that I am in a good state of health and fitness. I do not have physical handicaps or impairments that might inhibit my participation in competitive tennis.
  • I agree to ensure that I am well-rested and well-hydrated before and during match play.
  • I agree, for and on behalf of myself, my heirs, executors and legal representatives within the fullest extent permitted by law,
  • To unconditionally waive all claims, direct or consequential, for personal injury or death, for property damage, including claims concerning damage sustained by, but not limited to negligence that may arise from participation in the AWA events and
  • To indemnify the American Women’s Association (AWA) committee members or employees, their successors , assigns and sponsors as well as fellow players in AWA tennis against any and all claims mentioned.
  • Participation in competitive tennis when pregnant may involve risks. AWA strongly recommends that pregnant players obtain and act on medical advice regarding their participation in AWA tennis and when to discontinue participation.

Thank you for your interest in the AWA events and activities. It is of utmost importance to us that members find placement in their preferred area of interest. As all AWA events and activities are run by volunteers, there are times, due to travel schedules, you may not receive an immediate reply to your email. We do apologize! If you have not heard back from the activity chair within a reasonable time frame please send an email to the board representative at sports@awasingapore.org so that we can follow up on your behalf!